What are advantages of learning a language via Skype?

“I can go all over the world with Skype.” Ram Dass

A lot of people decide to learn French for some practical reason. Some of them plan to study in France or just love the language, while others are interested by job opportunities in Belgium or Quebec. Even if everyone can find a multitude of information on the French language online, the most demanding are, as always, live lessons by video-conference .

In our digital era, one of the best technological innovations is the creation of chat and video messaging that allow people to connect with professionals around the globe, including language teachers. And one of the main software in use worldwide is Skype. But, in fact, what is Skype ?

According to Wikipedia, Skype is a product that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between devices. Users have the possibility to communicate by instant text and video messages, they can also share some digital documents. Also, Skype makes possible conference calls so that several users living in different places can easily be connected via video at the same time. In fact, Skype was created in 2003 in Estonia and ever since its popularity has increased. It’s a commercial product but a free version of Skype is available, too. You can download it here.

Skype is especially beneficial for learning a foreign language and making the class more interactive and interesting…

Skype is very popular among teachers all over the world, to fulfil educational goals. The video conferencing provides a way to organize a virtual classroom and to connect students. Students feel themselves to be in a real-life classroom while discussing, sharing documents, practising exercices. It’s a very good opportunity for students because they can benefit a lot by this way of learning. Especially if they live in small towns where high-quality language tuition is not accessible. Or, they are busy and would not like spend their additional time on transport to a real-life class. Skype is especially beneficial for learning a foreign language and making the class more interactive and interesting as teachers can instantly send a video or a document to a student… You should know that Skype is a very easy program to use: even children and older persons can handle it with ease ! The main options that we have on Skype are :

  • Adding a new user
  • Instant text messaging
  • Audio call
  • Video call

There are plenty of other options and if you are an experienced user, you can think about these too, if needed. But mainly, these four are fully sufficient for a language lesson on Skype. Anyhow, Skype remains very popular among language teachers and among students as well.

To connect with a tutor on Skype, you will need only a good internet connection and a webcam. You can, certainly, use Skype with a microphone, it will be like you are doing a phone call, if a teacher accepts working through microphone. Not only teachers but many international businesses rely on Skype because they can easily interact with their colleagues, partners and clients using this software. You should know that learning a language with a tutor via Skype is a very convenient and comfortable way of learning… Moreover, sometimes it’s even more convenient than learning on the ground. Why ?

Skype classes are more conversation oriented.When you learn on Skype, you need to speak more than during ordinary classes. Talking on Skype is like a dialogue or an interview where you constantly see the partner’s face in front of you. It will push you to talk more in order to maintain the conversation and a high level of rapport.

Skype saves your time.When you learn French on Skype, you don’t need to travel anywhere and it saves your time and money. You can take your classes wherever you are - from your home, from your workplace, when you are on holidays - from the hotel. And you don’t need a PC - a smartphone or a tablet will be sufficient though using PC and a large screen is always better. Certainly, a good internet connection will be needed but, as a matter of fact, not only a cable but any wi-fi connection will usually be okay.

Skype classes are more comfortable.Learning by Skype can be less intimidating than go to classes on the ground. You are learning from the comfort of your home, without leaving your ordinary environment. Thus, you stay more relaxed and more concentrated on a learning process.

You can easily connect with a native-speaking language tutor. The ease of connection will allow you to learn French with a native French tutor who actually lives in France whilst you are in the United States or on the Majorque. Beforehand, there was no such an opportunity but with the arrival of Skype you can finally do so. And learning a language will be a much richer experience for you as you will be exposed to stories about the country’s culture, such as in our French civilization course. We live in a modern world where foreign languages are in a high demand due to the ease of travel.

Certainly, you will need a lot of energy in order to learn to speak French fluently. That’s why learning via Skype may be optimal because it solves the usual lack of time problem. Skype-students can always understand what their native-speaking tutor explains to them as there is always Google ready at hand. And when the tutor writes down new material on the chat, it will always be easily saved by the student. You can agreeably practise all aspects of learning the language - speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension. With Skype you can achieve all your objectives in learning a foreign language!

I will be happy to teach you French no matter where you are right at the moment. At FrenchTutorAndExams.com we provide high-quality French classes, via Skype. Contact us anytime for further information.